Alien Contact Culture By: TJ Thurmond Morris aka Theresa J Morris and TJ Morris dba ACIR Allowing us to co-create Alien Contact as a new cultural phenomenon is not a pseudoscience but a way of understanding a cultural community in the paranormal world some call an alternative culture. We share an interest in those who […]


Cosmos Entanglement by TJ is about that which we may share in various levels of our own reality. Many of us are sharing who we are and what we believe. Some what we know from experience. Life comes in many forms and how we perceive our reality depends on who is viewing that life and […]


Alien Universal Intelligence “All One” as dimensions of essence as soul is alien universal life heritage among our ancient ancestor’s writings and channeled teachings in this universe. The life, energy, essence, soul, consciousness levels we expand is levels of existence. How we expand our consciousness in groups such as agnostic, atheist, Abrahamic faith believers (Christians, […]